OptGrade – Grade Analyzer

One of a kind system worldwide for analyzing ore grades.

OptVision GradeTM is a CEMI innovation and has been specially designed to measure ore contents through image analysis and color pattern characteristics.

The System for Multi-Flow Content Analysis developed and manufactured by CEMI is a system composed of sampling, multiplexer and image analysis system for inference of contents. This color standard content analysis system is a CEMI innovation and has been specially designed for the needs of mineral processing and there is no similar equipment on the market with the set of solutions proposed.

The operating steps of the equipment are:

  • Collection of the sample in the flow(s) to be evaluated and sent to the multiplexer;
  • In the multiplexer, the sample can have three destinations:
    • The image content measurement belt;
    • Sample composed of several increments;
    • Discard.

In the measuring belt, the samples are continuously evaluated and the correlations between the Fe and SiO2 contents are made through their color by the RGB components (Red / Red, Green / Green, Blue / Blue). This allows an anticipation of the trend of laboratory analysis results, allowing more agile actuation and corrections in the process.

The OptVision GradeTM is a multipart equipment and its purpose is to analyze the contents by measuring the color standards of the samples collected in the flotation. The main components are:

1. Multiplexer: pneumatic equipment that selects the flow sample to be analyzed. Samples are continuous and discarded to a single runner for disposal. The sample selected for analysis is directed to the teller cone;

2. Cone Thinner: This component of the system features a level control and automatic valve for pouring only sludge that can interfere image analysis of the final sample. The superfine slurry control is done by measuring the overflow speed of the measured overflow, made through CEMI proprietary software OptVision FrothTM. The velocity value is controlled through the control valve at the cone outlet and the discharged sample is directed to the belt filter;

3. Belt Filter: This component of the system receives the underflow of the desludging cone, which is filtered on strap and filter cloth and is endowed with a vacuum system. At the end of the collection to detect the color pattern for each sample or the RGB (red, green, blue);

4. Image Analysis: This component is equipped with special high-power LEDs and a high-resolution camera for color analysis and other sample features. For this analysis, CEMI's proprietary software, OptVision GradeTM, is used. These results are sent to the control room via fiber optic communication;

5. Sample system: An incremental sampling system for laboratory analysis is installed together with the delamination cone to meet all the requirements of good sample practice, meeting the requirements of the applicable standards and Pierre Gy's theory. (Equipment under commissioning in a unit of Vale S.A.).