Flotation Column

Customized design projects for your industry.

The company pioneered the Brazilian mining industry with the aeration system based on recirculation of slurry. It promotes greater recovery and lower consumption of reagents in the flotation process.

The flotation columns of CEMI have high performance and quality, standing out:

  • Aeration based on slurry recirculation;
  • Safe aeration system (no risk of clogging);
  • High efficiency static mixers with design appropriate to each project;
  • Design with lower abrasion;
  • System for removal of coarse particles;
  • Generation of finer bubbles
  • Design optimized for high flotation rate;
  • Gutters with high collection efficiency of floated material;
  • Isobaric washing system for the froth;
  • The column can also be integrated with a vision system for flotation process control – OptVision Froth© System.

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