Automatic grain size analyses with total control.

In order to eliminate imponderable errors in conventional laboratory methods of particle size analysis and to be able to analyze more representative samples with an automatic analysis method, CEMI developed a system based on particle image analysis in a conveyor belt, the OptAnalyserTM.

The system uses the contrast of the images to define the boundaries of each particle and thus calculate the particle size distribution of each region obtained or a mean of a sequence of images. Initially, it was designed for insertion in towers of existing samplings or in substitution of physical laboratories.

Samples are sieved by separating into three size classes and each is analyzed separately. General features:

  • High-resolution, high-speed digital cameras for capturing images on IP66 protections;
  • Use of sieves in order to reduce the range of granulometry of the material and optimize the result of the overall analysis;
  • The system is fully automated and requires no operator intervention;
  • The data generated by the system can be used by advanced control systems.