Optvision Rock

Instant results of grain size distribution of particulate matter.

With a user-friendly interface and fast algorithms, OptVision RockTM, through the use of cameras, continuously measures the particle size distribution on conveyor belts.

The results of the particle size analysis are displayed instantly on the computer screen and can be shared via OPC to PLC/DCS, Supervisory, PIMS, database or sent to an advanced control system.

Among the main advantages of its application can be mentioned:

  • Continuously measures particle size distribution on conveyor belts using cameras installed where measurement is required;
  • Results of instantaneous granulometric analyses are displayed on the computer screen operating the system, shared via OPC to PLC/DCS, Supervisory, PIMS or database, or sent to advanced control system - OptProcess©;
  • Robust equipment suitable for industrial use;
  • Lighting system with led's high power and durability;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • A simple configuration, provides fast algorithms and friendly graphical interface.