New objectives, new configurations.

The advanced control systems, when implanted, generate diverse benefits related to the reduction in the consumption of inputs, reduction of energy and/or increase of productivity, according to the type of process considered. CEMI uses the OptProcess© tool for the implementation of advanced control projects.

However, like any conventional or advanced control system, for these benefits to be maintained over the years, its maintenance must be performed in order for the system to adapt to operational changes and changes that normally occur in processes. Regular maintenance of the advanced control system is important because they appear:

  • New ideas,
  • Process changes related to instrumentation (new meters installed, instrumentation broken or out of calibration);
  • Changes to conventional controls (DCS or PLC configuration);
  • Evaluation of new improvements;
  • Updates and software upgrades;
  • Among others.

With up-to-date maintenance, the configuration of the control system remains adapted to the reality of the process, resulting in the maintenance, or even increase, of the benefits obtained over time.

In this way, the knowledge about the control systems remains in the teams of the companies. Annual maintenance programs include regular visits by the CEMI team to the process, remote maintenance of the system via the Internet, and constant updating of software versions.

In addition, additional and regular training in the use and configuration of the OptProcess© system may be indicated.