OptProcess© System

Greater quality, greater stability, greater profit.

OptProcess© is a specialist system for advanced process control designed to meet the demands of the industry.

Built on a modular structure, it offers an effective and flexible way to model and control different systems and processes, as well as aid in information analysis and decision making. The OptProcess© user interface is friendly and informative. It was designed to allow easy access to modification of control system rules, variables and parameters offline and online without interruption of the system.

The system integrates a complete set of the most consecrated technologies available for the Control and Optimization of Industrial Processes:

  • Expert System and Fuzzy Logic;
  • Multivariable Predictive Control;
  • Neural networks;
  • Virtual Analyzers;
  • Conditional Statistics;
  • Mass Balance (Reconciliation);
  • Simulation by physical models;
  • Optimization of PID Controllers.

The integration of these technologies allows the development of complete projects efficiently, exploring the strengths of each in a complementary way.

Among the main advantages of its application, it can be mentioned:

  • Stabilization of the process;
  • Continuous productivity maximization;
  • Increase in production capacity and yield of products;
  • Reduction in energy consumption, losses and cost of production;
  • Better quality of products and effluents.