Benefits Added to the Process Using OptProcess©

A thorough evaluation for optimized decision making.

Controlling the natural variability of a plant's parameters, as well as its nutrition, leads to results that may reveal all aspects of its operation.

With OptProcess© and with the help of other tools, it is possible to control a complete plant or some of its unit operations, allowing the visualization of reliable scenarios to the behavior of the process and its real constraints that can be tested and compared to different control strategies.

Advanced Process Control (APC) systems aim to stabilize processes, reduce the variability of critical variables, stabilize product quality, increase yield, and consequently reduce production costs. To ensure these goals, APC projects must have performance indicators that establish results before and after implementation, so choosing good technology is critical to ensuring a relationship with the vendor and user gains. Predictive models have been used in many APC applications, but dynamic (online) variables are essential for the composition of advanced control.

CEMI is a pioneer in the implementation of optimizing control systems in the mining industry, holding the necessary technical training to configure and properly implement the system for each specific circuit.