Sampling Equipment Supply

Reliability of sampling and safety for your team.

CEMI designs and manufactures gravity and pressurized samplers. They can be customized for each line to be sampled. They have several sizes, from 4 "to 48", with sample flow varying from 5 to 40 m³ / h of pulp.

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OptSamplerTM - Samplers for Pressurized Tubing

Manufactured by CEMI, they are used when the flow of the pulp is under pressure from a pump. Three sample nozzle sizes constructed of polyurethane are provided to tailor the sample flow, each with a tapered shape to mitigate blockages. The sizes define the diameters of the collection nozzles and they are predefined and fixed at the time of selection of the sampler and therefore not adjustable in the field to avoid blockages.

The main body of the sampler is rubber coated, also suitable for abrasive materials.

OptSamplerTM  - Gravity Pipe Samplers

They have several sizes, from 4" to 48", with sample flow varying from 5 to 40 m³ / h of pulp.

The constructive innovations of the carcass promote the mixing of the particles and the homogenization of the pulp, without the need to use multiple cutters. The OptSamplerTM gravity sampler uses a vertical fixed cutter, available in various widths or diameters to take the sample at the desired flow rate. The cutters are constructed of ceramic material, resistant and suitable to the aggressive mining environment and are easily replaceable by disassembling the lower flange.

They have pre-defined sample widths fixed at the time of selection, however, they can be adjusted by adjusting the desired flow, when necessary. The reason for not allowing random adjustments in the width of the openings is the need to guarantee the representativeness of the samples. In addition, a minimum aperture is required which allows a velocity of 2.5 m / s of pulp to avoid sedimentation of solids.

The main body of the sampler is internally coated with soft natural rubber, 40 shore hardness and 10 mm thickness suitable for mineral pulp abrasiveness. OptSamplerTM samplers are equipped with flushing and line locking water valves, which allow cleaning of both the sampler knives and the sampled collection line.