Diagnostic, Design and Optimization of Sampling Systems

Complete solutions for new design and existing plants.

CEMI offers services for the development of new projects as well as for the diagnosis, identification of problems and proposes improvements in existing sampling systems by evaluating the whole or specific points by providing a detailed assessment of the current situation.

In both diagnostics and new projects, Pierre Gy's sampling theory is used to evaluate sampling errors. Methods and equipment are evaluated in order to guarantee representative samples with minimum sampling errors inherent to the various collection sources.

If necessary, new parameters of sample collection and handling are established, allowing the reliability and representativeness of the sampled lots. The possibility of occurring "bias in sampling", that is, a deviation that repeats itself in the same direction is investigated and eliminated.

Conceptual, basic and detailed projects are offered for the development of new projects. In new projects, the descriptive report shall contain a detailed description of the sampling plan or flowchart, minimum masses to be sampled at each point, and the complete specification of equipment or systems to be used for one or more sampling stages.

Reports containing a summary of the entire evaluation of existing systems are performed for each of the sampling points evaluated, and indications of measures to be taken for optimization and suitability at the points where there is evidence of bias or presence of error above the maximum allowed.