Implementation of Automatic Balances and Masses - OPTBAL

Reliable results in real time.

OptBal© is a system developed by CEMI for automatic and real-time closure of plant masses and metallurgical balances or mineral processing circuits.

The data reconciliation of the system seeks to reach the actual value of each flow of the balance, considering the measured values and the errors inherent in the measurement method, using the Lagrange multiplier technique.

OptBal© is a complete and reliable tool for developing production inventories and evaluating process performance.

The technology consists of the treatment of the measured data of diverse natures to obtain a global balance of the whole plant, respecting the principle of conservation of masses. All measurements in an industrial installation are subject to precision errors, bias errors and defects in instruments and equipment. Thus, a simple accounting of these measurements does not represent a coherent mass balance for the plant and it is difficult to rely on these measurements to account for production or to evaluate plant performance.

From these situations, CEMI created a strategy to replace the measures considered invalid by results obtained in statistical, phenomenological models or in a dynamic process simulator (OptSim©). The system is coupled to software with the lagrangian model of mass balance closure that receives the pre-processed data. The criteria for closing the mass balance is modified until a mass balance is considered valid. This way, the data goes through filtering and reconciliation processes, generating a reliable mass balance and an actual production measurement.