Process Optimization Studies Using Static or Dynamic Technologies

Less loss. More gains.

The optimization of a single process of the whole plant can be performed either in a static or dynamic way.

Static optimization relies on the experience of the professionals participating in the operation and specific simulation software to identify better parameters or operating conditions, leading to greater operational efficiency, greater circuit capacity and a better quality product.

Dynamic optimization aims to improve the performance of the plant despite the continuous occurrence of disturbances that generate losses, such as changes in the typology and quality of the inputs and materials fed.

CEMI develops studies to verify bottlenecks, increases in production, verification of product quality, among others.


OptSim© was developed by CEMI for dynamic simulation of industrial processes and operates both online and offline.

Combining static process simulation with the introduction of programmable dynamic models, it confers fidelity to the "virtual plant" when compared to the actual process.

Its application is versatile and several unit operations of an industrial plant can benefit from the use of OptSim©. Operating in offline mode, it can be used for environmental impact assessment, sensitivity study, bottleneck identification and more. Its online use allows, among other possibilities, the advanced calculation of setpoints and a statistical evaluation for optimization.

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