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Paranapanema S.A.

OptBal© - Online Mass Balance

Client: Paranapanema S.A.

Location: Copper and Sulfuric Acid beneficiation plant Dias D'Ávila - BA

Challenge: Implement an online Mass Balance system, called OptBal©, with data reconciliation technology to increase agility and assertiveness in mass balance closure. The system should generate automated reporting and should be integrated with SAP, SIP and PI systems.

Solution: At the beginning of the work, a complete flow chart of the industrial plant was elaborated using mass balance software and data reconciliation. Intensive tests were performed in the OptBal© software to evaluate the best parameters for closing off the unit's off-line mass balance. Data collected directly at the plant were considered for evaluation of the system's performance.

Results: OptBal© software was installed and configured for the closing of the balance sheet with all available data of masses and contents of four metals present in the plant, carrying out the calculation quickly. The possibility of reconciling data, present in OptBal© software, provides a more realistic picture of what happens in the plant. Various types of custom reports have been customized to provide critical customer information. The technology is all integrated with the SAP, SIP and PI systems.