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Advanced Process Control - Vapor Generation System

Customer: AMBEV

Location: Several factories in Brazil.

Challenge: Stabilize the vapor pressure to be used at the factory.

Solution: A fuzzy control was implemented inside OptProcess© to keep the barrel pressure fed by the steam from the boilers. In this type of control, the optimal operating range is transformed into a "nebulous" region and the actions are weighted. The control considered the variations of steam consumption and acted in real time, ensuring optimal operation continuously over time. The on/off boilers were also monitored, evaluating the consumers that are in and out, avoiding, as far as possible, unnecessary on/off.

Result: Reduction of 2 to 4% in fuel consumption and up to 25% reduction in vapor pressure variability. Projects have already been carried out to optimize the steam generation system in conjunction with the cogeneration system. The implementation of advanced process control in the steam generation/electric power cogeneration system has the objective of maximizing the generation of electric energy, avoiding losses of steam.