Advanced Process Control

Greater control, greater productivity

CEMI is a pioneer in the implementation of optimizing control systems in the industry in Brazil. Our structure encompasses research and development, support, deployment and maintenance, which enables it to configure and deploy a system for each specific circuit.

Our system, OptProcess©, integrates a complete set of the most consecrated technologies available for the Control and Optimization of Industrial Processes:

  • Expert System and Fuzzy Logic;
  • Multivariable Predictive Control;
  • Neural networks;
  • Virtual Analyzers;
  • Conditional Statistics;
  • Mass Balance (Reconciliation);
  • Simulation by physical models;
  • Optimization of PID Controllers.

The integration of these technologies allows the development of complete projects efficiently, exploring the strengths of each in a complementary way.

Among the main advantages of its application can be mentioned:

  • Stabilization of the process;
  • Continuous productivity maximization;
  • Increase in production capacity and yield of products;
  • Reduction in energy consumption, losses and cost of production;
  • Better quality of products and effluents.