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Advanced Process Control - Crushing

Customer: VALE

Location: Carajás-PA

Challenge: The crusher has a hydraulic opening control, which enables automatic control. However, there is no effective control of this parameter, this causes as a consequence a variation in the circulating load. The recirculating ore competes with the ore that feeds the circuit, generating an overload of the sieves and as a consequence an increase in the bypass and fine re-crushing.

Solution: Implementing an advanced control to control the opening of crushers, based on image analysis to determine the grain size of the material coming out of the crusher. Intelligent alarms can also be configured in the form of audible alarms or written messages to operators.

Result: Increase in the efficiency of the circuit by means of the minimization of the circulating load; Maximization in ore processing capacity; It contributes to an increase of stability in the process, since the advanced control adjusts the circuit in function of the variations in the feed, thus avoiding the propagation and consequent increase of variability of the process parameters.